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Eco-Friendly Professional Ants Treatment Removal in Melbourne

Eco-Friendly Professional Ants Treatment Removal in Melbourne

Ants would have made good army personnel had they been blessed with a full-grown human body. Have you noticed how they march with their troops in a defined line? But, how dare they trespass on your property without your approval! 

On top of this, they bite the people and pets around if ever they tiptoe in their paths by mistake. No, we cannot let it happen. This audacity is something beyond the tolerance level. They dare to intrude and then they keep the nerves to bite. Enough, isn’t it? 

Furthermore, ants like other pests do carry bacteria and can transmit diseases to people and pets. They can also cause infections, especially can trigger respiratory allergies (pharaoh ants need a special mention here). 

Professional pest controllers in Melbourne, like us, are all geared up with the best possible solutions for ants treatment removal in Melbourne. So, if you are anywhere in Melbourne and also at other places in Victoria, you can call the experts for showing these tiny intruders the ‘EXIT’.  

It is very important to opt for a pest control agency that has worked on several ants treatment pest control projects at various locations in your city/town. This experience helps them sharpen their skills in dealing with these proud marchers more tactfully, expelling them from properties completely. 

We, at Al-Maani Pest Control Services, also offer services to repel ants from properties. One thing that almost always has topped our priority list is ensuring no harmful toxins are ever released and affect the environment when we deal with pests. Our pest treatment arsenal includes eco-friendly tools, products, and solutions. Our strategy to ensure ants treatment removal in Melbourne is no exception. 


The treatment options should be environment-sensitive. Do you know that most environmentally conscious pest control solutions include using diatomaceous earth? Confused? Diatomaceous earth consists of silicon dioxide. The material is made using a kind of silicon, which in turn is made from the fossils of aquatic organisms. It is not a poison and releases no toxin into the atmosphere. But, it is highly effective in eradicating your ant and bug pest issues by absorbing the oils from their skeletons. In brief, it dries them up completely. Using food-grade diatomaceous can help your space stay ant and bug-free without polluting your indoor atmosphere. 

Many of our solutions contain black pepper or cayenne pepper extracts which the ants find unbearable. It repels them naturally and makes them grow a distaste towards that space. So, revisiting your address will be something that they won’t consider much. 

Yet another favourite ingredient of our ant treatment solution is peppermint (we didn’t mean it is the favourite of ants). Peppermint oil and extracts are popular ant deterrents. 

The professional pest controlling team also works on eliminating and sealing the ant entrants. It is not about eradicating the current pest situations but also ensuring that the future prospects of their visits are totally bulldozed. 

It is necessary that you hire an agency that can offer organic ant treatments services. Chemicals can trigger several health concerns, some of which might need medical attention. 


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