Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pests at Commercial Sites Are Not Beautiful Sights

Pest infestation in Australia is not a new thing and it happens to be a headache for the people of this continent. A pest-infested commercial site is as dreadful as their presence in one’s home can be. At Al-Maani Pest Control Services, we offer reliable, readily accessible and affordable commercial pest control in Melbourne

We can address various pest concerns at a variety of commercial sites and businesses. Our team realized the impact that pests can cast on the safety and reputation of your business. 


Are You Taking the Pests Lightly? 

Who would pay you to avail products from you or access your service when your operation site is infested by pests? 

Almost everybody knows quite well that pests carry disease-causing germs, which can seriously damage one’s health. People these days are rushing to gyms and clinics for staying in good health. They are taking extra measures to stay fit. 

Who will come to your business to compromise their health?  NOBODY! 


The Facts YOU Need to Know Right NOW! 

A single mouse is reported to mess up your commercial space with 40-200 droppings EVERY DAY! Each of these rat/mouse droppings is a serious health hazard to anyone around. 

The gestation period in mice is only 20 days. In their 2 years of lifespan, they reproduce 200-300 little ones! The little ones will start mating immediately after they are 1 or 2 months old. Do the calculation now. They will overrun you and your employees in your own office/shop. 

These rodents eat 15-20 times every day. Let the almighty have some mercy on your stocked edible items in the pantry section! 

Cockroaches carry 30 HARMFUL bacteria species in their guts and cuticles! Even a small-scale infestation will take around 10 days for complete eradication. And, a roach lays 10-40 eggs simultaneously

Allergies, serious infections and several diseases make the site a creepy section. 


What Al-Maani team does? 

Infested commercial site owners can book an inspection with the Al-Maani team. We will reach the address and conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property. It is possible that you cannot detect which pest type is messing with your business's health and reputation. 



Our expert and experienced team can implement a series of commercial pest control in Melbourne at your commercial site. And, we do it without compromising the safety standards and established pest control protocols observed in the city. 

Our team can cover all your pest control and prevention needs using both time-tested and innovative tactics. If you want, we can carry out a detailed inspection of your commercial facility periodically to ensure pest concerns stay outside the gate. 



Al-Maani specializes in offering competitively priced commercial pest control for hospitals, restaurants, schools and childcare units, warehouses, offices, retail outlets and shopping centres, factories etc. 


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5 Commonest Pests in Commercial Facilities Across Australia

5 Commonest Pests in Commercial Facilities Across Australia

Pests anywhere can cause heavy damage to properties and lives. Australia is home to many pests, of all types, both dangerous and harmless. Experienced professionals skilled in handling life-threatening pests like snakes and venomous spiders possess specialized training.

Professionals offering Commercial Pest Control in Melbourne are not trained to handle snakes. But, they can help you find relief from other pests that might not threaten your life directly. Why do we mention ‘directly’?  Several pests can also impact your health in indirect ways. 

Let us discuss the mess pests commonly spotted at commercial facilities and how commercial pests controllers can help. 


The commonest one to spot inside storage units, amidst heaps of files, in washrooms, in pantries and almost everywhere. Cockroach infestation at commercial facilities is the breeding ground for infectious diseases. They come in contact with your food, food packages, and cutleries and cause serious food infections. 

If any of the employees suffer from asthma and eczema, know for sure the infestation will aggravate the conditions. Though you can easily squash them with your boot/sandal, they are the tough ones as they can survive without food for months. Agencies offering Commercial Pest Control in Melbourne identify this as the commonest pest infesting any facility.


They are the biggest culprits in commercial space of all. Name anything they cannot chew through on earth except glass and iron nails. They will chew through your entire property if possible!

They have a remarkable talent to sniff food from anywhere. Keep your pantry dirty and unorganized with food packages and leftovers,  and see them visiting the site in no time.  An ardent carrier of several pathogens, staff members and employees will be prone to suffer from food poisonings, jaundice, meningitis, typhoid fever and arrays of infections. 



If the commercial space is associated with food manufacturing or retailing, it will be prone to fly infestation. Also, the unemptied rubbish bins in the pantry section can bring flies of various types to the office premise.

They are known to cause multiple diseases, making them prominent health hazards. It sits on the garbage and then contaminates exposed food by sitting/feeding on them. Open drains also become the breeding ground for flies. 


A serious threat to any business owner across Australia, it can cause severe structural damages. They are more devastating than roaches, rodents, and others. Subterranean, Drywood and Dampwood termites need a special mention here.

They can chew through wood and cellulose, weakening the structure of the commercial facility. 


Don’t raise your eyebrow reading the mention of birds here. Well, they look pretty and are carefree flying creatures but they too can be a disaster to your workplace. Birds are responsible for transmitting as many as 60 diseases to humans

Birds also invite other pests like mites to your facility. Their body is laden with parasites and other microscopic pests.

Wrapping up

We go to offices and our workplaces to do duties and earn an income, not to get contaminated by disease-causing germs spread by pests there. Failing to seek professional pest control solutions and the service of an exterminator can cost you losing employees, customers, clients, and eventually your business. 

Pests Shouldn’t Interfere with the Fine Dining Experience Ever

Pests Shouldn’t Interfere with the Fine Dining Experience Ever

After the ease of Covid-19 restrictions imposed on outdoor life throughout Australia, restaurants and eateries are welcoming back their guests. Though the guest list doesn’t provide any room for pests, they do find their ways to sneak in. 

The food business in Melbourne always has been a factor in pulling crowds from far afar to this city. One of the most horrifying nightmares for any restaurant owner or manager would be to spot a pest infestation in the commercial kitchen. 

Seek commercial pest control to encourage more customers to dine at your restaurant carefree. The presence of pests in your restaurant can totally devastate and tarnish the reputation of the restaurant/eatery and the media won’t miss the opportunity to fan the fire across all possible platforms. 

Pests Prominent in Food Premises

Common pests harbouring the food premises are rats, mice, flies, ants, cockroaches, pest birds like pigeons etc. What allures them here is a steady source of food and water accompanied by a secure shelter.  

Their Hideouts in Your Commercial Kitchen

These tiny transmitters of diseases and ugly nuisances are nocturnals (active mostly during the nights or when left alone with no human activity around) and are masters in seeking hideouts.  Their favourite hideouts very well include the following 

Restaurants Are Legally Required to Stay Pest-Free

The government of Australia always makes it one of its top concerns to ensure the protection of consumer health. Apart from human contamination and the spread of the pandemic again, pest contamination at food premises always remains a top concern.


They urge food business owners and managers to access commercial pest control in Melbourne and everywhere for pest-free operations. 

Two Imposing Legal Requirements

The Food Standards Code followed in Australia requires all types of food businesses (retail outlets, manufacturing units, commercial kitchens, serving outlets) to adopt practicable and precautionary measures to


The Practicable Precautionary Measures 

The precautionary and practicable efforts found effective  in preventing the entry of pests inside food premises include: 

  1. Gaps, Holes and Cracks developed on the ceiling and on walls are entry points for pests. Timely sealing of these will prevent the free entrance.
  2. It is advisable for the people involved in the operational and serving departments of a food business to make sure they keep the doors and windows closed when not in use. 
  3. Also, the doors, windows, and other wide openings should feature flyscreens and meshes. Maintain it properly to avoid entrance. Insects and ants can be prevented this way. 
  4. The practicable measures practised across Australia based food businesses also include the installation of weather strips at the base of the door. 
  5. Dispose of the extra food packaging materials and packets in the dust boxes kept outside. 
  6. Make sure to keep the food items in covered containers in a neat-n-clean space. 
  7. Adopt non-toxic yet effective pest control and prevention measures under the strict supervision of professional pest controllers. 

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