Time to Deal with the Nocturnal Blood Suckers at Home

Time to Deal with the Nocturnal Blood Suckers at Home

No, we are not talking about the pestering individuals you deal with at home. We are actually indicating the PESTS that deprive you of a sound sleep at night, and have the audacity to suck your blood, literary! 

Bed Bugs are 4–6mm long wingless parasitic insects that feed on human blood! C. hemipterus bed bugs are common in tropical areas of Australia. Cimex Lectularius is happier in a temperate climate and is found globally. 

These little vampires might not suck your blood to death but, it is annoying to the core for sure. Arrays of hassle and practical concerns are associated with bed bug infestations in any household. 

It necessitates seeking bed bugs pest control services from professional experts on an immediate basis. 


Do They Cause Us Infections? 

It is a common belief among many that bed bugs live on human skin that is completely untrue. They may travel from one place to another, visit one space to another riding on your skin (rarely), on your belongings (mostly) or on the body of the pet. We don’t have any reliable and concrete evidence showing they transmit infectious diseases to humans.  


Skin reactions might include 


Either the bite or the saliva (injected while sucking the blood) causes an allergic reaction.  Some people do not feel any noticeable allergic reactions at all. 


They are not an alarming health threat but, a complete nuisance and annoying pests. Who would like to host someone at home sucking our blood? 

Bed bugs prefer to bite and such human blood at night when they are sleeping on their beds. What a nasty pathetic creature surely a bed bug is! 


Where to Spot Them? 

Because of their smaller size, they can fit in any space. They would happily dwell and lay their eggs on 


Adult female bed bugs lay up to three eggs every day, which take just 10 days to hatch. Chill in the air will take them a little longer to hatch. 

Professionals trained in bed bugs pest control have sharp eyes to discover these little blood suckers from even the most confining spaces. 


Signs of Infestation 

If your room or any space has a strong musty odour, it might be the smell of the pheromones they excrete. The extent of the infestation will decide the severity of the smell. 

As they are little vampires feeding on your blood at night, do check for mysterious tiny blood spots on your bedsheet. Unless you have squished a mosquito and rubbed the palms on your bedsheet, chances are high that there might be bed bug infestation at your place. 

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